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Social SEO: The New SEO and 10 Social SEO Strategies that reap rewards

Social Search ‘or’ ( Social SEO : The New SEO) : Why’s and What’s

There is a lot of talk around the web these days about the convergence of social media and SEO, but I feel like what has happened with social and search is more like a marriage, and they skipped the engagement period altogether. It is merely a convergence of technology and methodology.Over the last few years the changes to search algorithms and user behavior on the Internet have made “old” SEO almost redundant. It’s even gotten to the stage where any so-called “SEO” who’s still using the same techniques from 5 years ago will actually be doing more harm than good. These days, search engines and consumers want quality, engagement, and social proof.

By integrating social media marketing tactics with SEO best practice, social SEO uncovers new markets and opportunities, increases subscribers and site visitors, and allows your business to be found by those in need of your products or services. Your goal with social search should be to maximize the visibility of relevant content for those that may be looking for it, wherever they may be looking for it. May it be in a general Google search, a Facebook search, a YouTube search or a question asked in a forum, give them the info they seek, and your rankings will be rewarded.

Social search has marketers jumping on board and increasing their budgeting demands for content creation specifically for SEO and social media. Webmarketing 123 released their Sate of Digital Marketing 2012 report that found that 52% of US B2C marketers and 41% of US B2B marketers planned to increase their social marketing budgets in 2013.

And it’s no wonder why, with an astounding 92% of consumers saying that they trust earned media such as word of mouth (Social Media- word of mouth on digital steroids) and recommendations from friends and family , above all other forms of advertising. The power of social search is exponential. Though, the challenge for many SEO’s, is to effectively marry social media tactics with real business goals

In order to fully understand the depths of the social search marriage we need to better understand the cause and correlation between social shares, links, and rankings. Combining SEO and social media produces far better returns than investing in any of them individually or exclusively.

One thing is for sure, social interactions beget more social interactions and create a larger social presence on the web, thus increasing links, all while helping people find the information that they are looking for. Google crawls 20 billion web pages every day, and if social signals are able to assist Google with determining the relevancy of a website to a search query then the searcher will have a more personalized search

Social search has the searcher ultimately relying on people (and not algorithms) to deliver the most meaningful results. Because of its potential to drive traffic, increase awareness, and build links, it is no wonder that social media has become somewhat of a golden child for SEO. The 2012 SEOMoz industry survey also showed the breakdown of marketers main objectives for utilizing certain social media channels, and it’s not surprising to see that content marketing and SEO are among the top reasons that online marketers use select social media channels.

The Social Web

I specifically saved “social” until last. The social web has changed the game completely. Your social strategy should impact all your marketing channels and campaigns. With search engines increasingly using social signals in their algorithms and measuring “brand sentiment” more accurately by the day, the SEO world can’t ignore the importance of a well-managed social presence.

Social media should be the lynchpin for all your marketing, sales and after-sales activities. It’s an area which has an impact on everything from top-of-the funnel lead generation to after-sales service and customer retention.

Social media directly impacts search visibility and provides a primary channel for distributing your invaluable infographic content. This impact is also trackable beyond just visibility.

Facebook’s conversion tracking capabilities can be set up in under an hour. Google Analytics can display social conversions as well. If you want to get your head around how SMI should be working for your organization, start with social.

When it comes to website optimization, search and social do share a complementary relationship. While the two facets of digital marketing are often independently managed, the lines are increasingly blurred as both disciplines work together in delivering a common goal: information discovery.

While SEO and social media calls for two distinctive sets of skills and expertise, the integration of search and social has made it possible to attain two objectives in a single effort.

An article on Forbes defines the unofficial term “social SEO” as such,

Social SEO encompasses the idea that social media links and interaction play a huge part in a website’s search rankings.

Now this is especially the case with Google, where social metrics are significantly more influential in its ranking algorithm. The social component, in a way, has become a reliable indicator that search engines increasingly rely upon in their ranking algorithm.

I’ve compiled the following list of Social SEO steps any digital marketing can work to execute on, and the results of these actions would have a significant impact on both a brand’s social media presence as well as it’s SEO performance. The social seo strategies below are actionable items and can (should!) be employed in your business model

1. Register your Company/Business with Google Places

Social SEO impact: 3/5

With Google Places, you can share updates for your local business, respond to reviews, post offers to entice customers, among many other things. Here’s a screenshot of my Google Places account, for one of the local businesses I currently manage

10 Social SEO Steps You Can Implement Right Now image Google Places3

Click here to get started on Google Places for businesses.

2. Create a Company/Brand Page on Facebook AND Google Plus

Social SEO impact: 4/5
Beyond the obvious benefits of social SEO and community building, this also adds to your business credibility — search engine loves credibility.

10 Social SEO Steps You Can Implement Right Now image google plus pages3Create a Facebook page for your business, or/and claim your business on Google Plus here!

3. Establish your Brand presence on Google+

Social SEO impact: 5/5
No matter which industry or niche your business operate in, there are groups or communities that are closely related to what you do. Participating in Google+ Communities, join interest groups and initiate discussions are a great way to demonstrate thought leadership, and the added benefit of these is a socially active backlink profile Discover great communities on Google plus or create your own here: Google Communities and keep the conversation going!

4. Add Google’s Plus One (+1) button on your site’s important pages

Social SEO impact: 4/5

5. Add other social sharing options (Google+ Share, Like, Tweet etc.)

Social SEO impact: 3/5

6. Add a Google+ Badge and Page Badge

Social SEO impact: 3/5

7. Promote social actions on two of your best-written content

Social SEO impact: 4/

8. Integrate social payment systems into your content strategy

Social SEO impact: 2/5

10. Recycle past contents in the form of video marketing

Social SEO impact: 3/5

As a side note, Pinterest is already the fourth largest source of online traffic, after Google, direct traffic and social media giant Facebook. If you think you’ll pass on Pinterest for other, more established social networks, consider this:

10. Pass on Pinterest

Pinterest (SEO (Social Engagement Optimization) – Advanced SEO ) alone sends more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ combined.Also, considering that Google now index videos from Pinterest and that Pinterest itself has alleviate the ban on commercial accounts, taking a more pro-business stance altogether, I say it’s worth the effort.You can pin a video directly from your Pinterest (social-media-interests-socialosphere) account

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