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Pinterest (Visual) Marketing (in a snapshot)

Pinterest Marketing Ideas for 24 Industries and Professions

Pinterest is about visual appeal, so the best boards are those that show creativity and imagination. Your pins should inspire and draw people to your brand, and by showing a diverse range of pins which are attractive to your customers will be more likely to engage and interest pinners..  pin strong visuals from your blog posts, business activity charts and videos related to your products and services. create attractive visuals, attract user, engage them with photo and videos contests and ultimately convert them in to valuable leads. Show case of company’s culture through visuals Pinboard contests management

Creative animated marketing video pins
Animated case studies
User oriented pictures and video pins
Products and services promotions through pin boards
Tag management for every pin

     Marketing On Pinterest Infographic                             Pinterest Marketing Plan 2.0 [Infographic]pinterest marketing plan infographicPinterest Marketing Plan

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Here’s a brilliant visual from Maria Peagler, founder of, to get you going on Pinterest, which can be one of your best businesses marketing strategies.The below  infographic gives you marketing tips and tactics that you can apply to Pinterest account now, to help give you a head start.

Whether you work for a large brand or own your own small business, I’m sure you’re hearing quite a bit about Pinterest. You may be asking yourself, should we be marketing on Pinterest? Is this a fad? How can Pinterest help my business? How would I market on Pinterest anyway?

The Best Time to Pin

Post your pins during Pinterest’s peak usage hours, which are Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. EST. On the weekend, Saturdays are the best day to pin.

Promote through Social Media Channels

Experts recommend integrating your Pinterest account with other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This helps to bring awareness to your Pinterest boards and increase the likelihood for interaction.

Add a “Pin It” Button to your Website

To make your content as shareable as possible, add a “Pin It” button to the content on your site, including blog posts, category pages, landing pages and even products.

Create Great Visual Content

This is key: tutorials, DIY and recipe pins receive a 42-percent higher repin rate! Create visual content that compels, inspires or helps people.

Speak to a Specific Demographic

Pinterest has a unique and dedicated demographic. About 80% of the social network’s users are women, and 50% have kids. In addition, 80% of the users are over the age of 25, and 28% make an annual salary of over $100,000.

Host a Contest

Hosting a contest is a great way to keep your followers engaged and connected. Some ways to do this include photo contests, video contests, caption contests, enter-to-win contests, as well as others.

Track your Success

By tracking your success on Pinterest, you can continue to do what works, and change the things that don’t work.

Create a Video Gallery

Make sure the videos you post are not just about your company, but relevant and quality videos that your fan base will appreciate and find useful.

Create Multiple Boards

You’ll want to create boards that not only promote your products, but boards that also promote the lifestyle your brand represents.

Utilize Pin Description Area, Links and Hashtags

The description area is useful for adding relevant keywords and commentary on the image that is being pinned. You can add hashtags to help users find your pin, and the pin itself will be a link back to the original source.

Here’s 90 more resources to answer almost any question you could have about Pinterest.

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