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Content Marketing and Curation Cheatsheet, Strategy & Workflow (Free eBook)

What  is Content curation :

  • The human act of continuously distilling all available information on a topic into an editorialized narrative that helps your audience make sense of the Big Picture. Social Media Magazine is a good example of this.
  • Content curation  is the antidote for information overload.
  • It is the social art and science of finding, organizing, and sharing topic-specific information in a way that adds value for the audience. Pinterest Marketing is a good example of this.

What Content curation does:

  • Done properly, content curation is the kind of alchemy that marketers dream of. It separates your brand from the pack – making you the go-to resource for relevant information and insight on your topic.
  •  It elevates you to the enviable position of thought leader. On the tactical side, content curation helps you refine your prospect targeting, build lead flow, and the Social mentions and shares –  called “social signals”  in turn  enhances  SEO.

Why does Content curation allways works:

  • It works because it meets a need in the marketplace. Everyone is drowning in the deluge of Content Marketing and Curation– you, your customers, your prospects, even your competition. If you can tame the flood, you win.

What Content curation’s not:

  • Aggregation
  • Piracy
  • Automation
  • Regurgitation
  • Volume-driven
  • Brand-driven
At best, activities that fit the above description are “noise.” At worst, they are spam. Either way, they only add to the headache of information overload.

How to curate content?

There is a consistent, time-tested process used by professional curators regardless of topic or audience:The methodology and best practices for good content curation are the same throughout.

Content Marketing Cheat Sheet

This  Marketing Cheat Sheet provides you with the fundamental information to help you get started with your content marketing strategies.

Download this cheat sheet

  • The six rules for content marketing – it is relevant, it closes a gap, etc.
  • The top three tips for content marketing optimization – reorganize, rewrite, retire
  • Glossary terms to improve your content marketing vocabulary

Simple Content Curation Workflow Steps:

Step 1: Identify – pick your topic

  • Decide what you want to be known for
  • Think beyond your product and brand
  • Make sure your topic is relevant, helpful, focused, and important to your audience
  • Play to your audience’s interests, pain points, and needs
Step 2: Follow – find your sources

  • Locate your headliners
  • Use a variety of discovery tactics to find new talent
  • Create a lineup that includes opening acts and up-and-comers
  • “Follow” your sources through multiple channels – RSS feeds, e-mail subscriptions, and social connections
  • Refresh your list by continuously finding and adding new players
Step 3: Organize –review, filter, & categorize

  • Aggregate all your incoming sources by making smart use of sorting, segmenting,  filtering and visualization tools
  • Include a variety of sub-topics, sources, and opinions
  • Include competitor content
  • Create a quality user experience through the strategic use of categories, sub-categories, and tags
Step 4: Create –add value

  • Put it in context – Add commentary to all your curated content
  • Take your solo – Create original content inspired by curated content and trends in audience interests and participation
  • Balance the act – Create the right curated-to-created ratio based on capacity – your audience’s and yours
Step 5: Share – publish & promote
  • Abide by the rule: Curate, create, don’t pirate
  • Consider creating an independent brand for your curated content
  • Select venues based on audience consumption habits
Each step is important and builds on the one before it. If you follow, but don’t organize, you’re not curating. If you organize, but
don’t create, you’re not curating.
But, don’t worry
Here’s a 19-page ebook by curata that cleanly outlines the process and key steps a content curator needs to go through to create value.Unlike long article texts on the topic, this is a well written outline, for anyone who need to get a good grasp and perspective on what the content curator truly involves

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